Why not trade up for Simmons - what is the down side of that?

Simmons could really transform our defense as a MLB. We have the new "chicagoski" on the weak side and Littleton on the strong side and a fast guy like Simmons could really manage to set the tone in the middle. I think he's the missing link to a successful defense with Abrams healthy. Not even mahomey is going to be able to out run him when he can blitz, and he is big enough to cover the TEs or RB's out of the backfield.

We traded our #4 pick to #12 years ago and got a 2nd round for it; it was the year we drafted Hayden at #12. We don't have a 2nd round but I think you could offer up our #12, a 3rd round this year and 2nd round next year if the Giants want "down" in the draft? I'd also consider tossing them a player like Gabe Jackson or PJ Hall if it made the difference?